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Performance advantages.

  • 1.The working efficiency is very high.
  • 2.National standard for quality of finished products.
  • 3.Solder joints are firm and reliable.
  • 4.The main rebar have high distribution accuracy.

Machined Shape.

Technical parameters.

Modle GL-1500 GL-2000 GL-2500
Pile diameter of cage(mm) 300-1500 400-2000 800-2500
Length of cage(m) 12 18 24 27 12 18 24 27 12 18 24 27
Max.Weight of cage(kg) 4500 6000 8000
Length of cage(m) 9--27m
Diameter of winding rebar(mm) ∅5--∅16
Space of winding rebar(mm) 50--500
Diameter of main rebar(mm)  
Pressure of hydraulic station(Mpa) ∅12--∅40
Total reted power(kw) 15 23 27
Size LxWxH(m) 28.5x5x2.5 38.5x5.5x2.5 46.5x5.5x2.5 54.5x5.5x2.5 28.5x8x3.3 38.5x8x3.3 46.5x8x3.3 54.5x8x3.3 28.5x8.5x3.5 38.5x8.5x3.5 46.5x8.5x3.5 54.5x8.5x3.5
Weight(kg) 12500 16000 18000 20000 18000 21000 24000 28500 18000 21000 24000 28500
  • GL-450L
  • CNC steel bar sawing, upsetting,
    threading and polishing production line
Using gantry type sawing knife,
sawing speed is fast, high precision.
Large sawing width,high
sawing output,large sawing force.
Upsetting and threading
can be used separately.
The operation interface is simple,
easy to learn and understand.

Machined Shape.

Serial number project name Technical Parameters
1 Maximum machining diameter (round steel) ≤ 50 mm
2 Rebar conveying line speed 58~62 m/min
3 Maximum length of feeding line 12000 mm
4 Maximum length of rewinding line 12000 mm
5 Effective width of saw blade 450 mm
6 Rebar conveying speed 58-62m/min
7 Thread length ≤90 mm
8 Single head wire time 25s~40s
  • GL-120KN
  • CNC rebar shearing line

Performance advantages.

Intelligent processing,high precision of finished products

Multilevel finished products storage mechanism ensures long service life

Modular combination, choose configuration according to demand

A two-way discharge design is used to double the amount of finished products

Model GL-120KN
Shearing range of rebar Φ12-40mm Length range of rebar 1000-12000mm
Shearing frequency 20 times/min Shearing precision ±2mm
Conveying speed of roller way  1.5m/s Working pressure 31.5Mpa
Electric control system 380V 50-60Hz Power 25.5kW
Size(L*W*H) 28000*3300*2500mm Weight 7000 kg
Diameter of rebar Φ12 Φ16 Φ20 Φ25 Φ28 Φ32 Φ40
Number of rebar 15 12 10 8 6 4 1
  • GLWY-2500
  • Automatic welding round bending machine
  • Adjust bar diameter easily and fastly without replacing a large disc.
  • 3 times higher in precision, 2 times faster in ration.
  • High automation, full-automatic welding.
  • Positioning,ribbing,welding and cutting are in one.
Model GLWY-2500
Rebar diameter  16-32mm Bending speed 80cm/min
Bending motor power 4.5kw Cutting motor power 1.5kw
Voltage 380V/50Hz Size L2500*W2650*H2300mm
Weight 1700Kg
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  • Henan Gengli Engineering Equipment Co Ltd.
  • is a high and new tech enterprise,specialized in R&D, and production of concrete supporting equipment Located in Mengjin,Luoyang it covers an production area of 60000 m²,with the strong independent innovation ability.

    Its product design capability and manufacturing capability is leading in the same domestic industry.
  • ISO9001 Quality System Certification
  • Considerate and fast service
  • High skilled R&D team
  • Flexible solutions

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