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GLSCX-50 Small catheter production line
  • Tube length:≤5.2m

  • Apex range: φ42-φ50

  • Punching diameter:6-8 mm

  • Dimensions:12625×4310×1660mm

Performance advantages

Automatic feeding

After being transported to the designated area, the electric chuck is held tightly, plasma cutting is automatic, and the turning angle can be adjusted during the cutting process.

Use programming tools

Gengli control system is used as the main programming tool.

Automatic blanking

After Gengli system plasma equipment completes the cutting process, it can realize automatic blanking.

Full automation saves manpower

Realizable continuous automatic feeding, automatic turnover, automatic cutting operations, etc., to realize the whole process of automation in processing and production to achieve de-manualization.
Technical parameters
GLSCX-50 automatic small catheter production line
Machine parameters Loading/unloading method automatic
Tube type Seamless steel pipe
Pipe wall thickness 3.5 mm (national standard)
Tube length ≤5.2m
Apex range φ42-φ50
Punching diameter 6-8 mm
Processing efficiency 50-79 s/piece
Total installed power 78kw
Rated voltage 380V
Gross weight 5t
Dimensions 12625×4310×1660mm
Punching assembly Feeding accuracy ±0.2mm
Feeding times 22 t/min——40 t/min
System rated pressure 10 MPa
power 11.5kw
High frequency heating model HD-65
Input voltage 380V
Output Power 65kw
Oscillation frequency 30-100 kHz
Cooling water pressure 0.3 MPa
Water temperature <50℃
heating time 12-17 s/piece
Tip reduction assembly Gear pump CB-F25
aterial of mould 40Cr
way to control PLC control touch screen
fuel tank capacity 50L
Installed power 7.5kw

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