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Malaysian businessmen visited Henan Gengli factory

On December 6, two Malaysian businessmen visited Henan Gengli Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. to discuss cooperation matters. Leaders of the company expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of Malaysian businessmen.Wan Tao-secretary of the Party branch of Henan Gengli, Sun Zilin-deputy general manager, sales director-Yan Yongcai and other relevant personnel accompanied the inspection


The visiting Malaysian businessmen visited the company's machine processing workshop, assembly workshop, equipment debugging field and other production sites. Customers have highly affirmed the development achievements, advanced production equipment, process technology, quality control and strong product research and development strength of the company in recent years, and hope to establish a long-term and stable strategic partnership through mutual exchanges and cooperation.

In the commissioning equipment site, the customer viewed the real construction spraying process of the robot arm concrete spraying machine. The operator controls the swing of the boom and the nozzle through a remote control, and the concrete is continuously sprayed to the designated position on the test wall, and the spraying process achieves the expected effect.


At the demonstration site of the three-arm vertical arch frame trolley, customers can truly feel the mobile performance of the hanging basket boom.Three-level telescopic hanging baskets can be swiped at -17-50 degrees pitch angle. The maximum operating height is 13 meters, the maximum operating width is 21 meters, the wireless remote control operation is simple, the electrical system is intelligent and efficient, making the construction easier. After the customer experience, he kept praising.

This visit not only enhanced the understanding and communication between the two sides, but also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation. With the joint efforts of both sides, the future cooperation will surely achieve more fruitful results.


Henan Gengli always adheres to the goal of high-quality development, continues to create value for customers, and effectively grasps all aspects of product research and development, production, sales, service and so on. Win the favor and support of domestic and foreign customers with superior products and high -quality services. Realize win -win cooperation and common development.

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