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GLSCX-2300 Automatic mesh production line
  • Welding width:1600mm
  • Welding length:2500mm
  • Rebar spacing:≥100mm
  • Rebar diameter :6-8mm
Performance advantages

Using sub-control welding technology

The welding is firm, stable, fast, not easy to break, wear-resistant, and strong in protection.

Variety of welding grids

The warp grid can adjust the related parts, and the zonal grid adjustment is controlled by a microcomputer. A variety of different flattening meshes can be set. The grid is uniform and error-free.

Use servo motor to pull the net

Solve the problem of different mesh sizes in the same mesh, stable and fast.

Enlarged and reinforced main body

The main machine frame is welded by thickened steel plate and section steel, which makes the main structure more firm and compact.
Technical parameters
Model GLSCX-2300
Welding width (mm) 1600
Welding length (mm) 2500
Rebar spacing (mm) ≥100
Rebar diameter (mm) 6-8mm
Maximum welding capacity 8mm+8mm
Maximum number of welding points 8
Warp feeding method Coiled steel bar
Weft feeding method Automatic doffing
way to control PLC programming
Welding speed (row/min) 25-45 r/min
Upper electrode Φ25mm
Lower electrode 35*35*20mm
Upper electrode connection line (mm²) 200
Lower electrode connection line (mm²) 300
Number of welding machines (sets) 2*120KVA(water-cooled)
Air source pressure (MPa) 0.25-0.6
Air consumption 2.5m³/min
Number of welding cylinders (pcs) 8 double-force cylinders(63X60)
Rated frequency (HZ) 50
Power supply pressure (V) 380V
Cooling water pressure (Mpa) 0.2-0.3
Cooling water consumption 0.4m³/min

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